Volvo Penta Propellers

Propellers 10% - 15% offer

Volvo Penta propellers are now available with a 10% offer. A few in stock have 15% off. Call us for details and help sizing or go to our online shop. It is vitally important that the correct propeller is fitted to prevent damage to your engine and to ensure that the propeller is efficient under load, both in forward and in reverse.

Sizing your propeller

The correct propeller is vital to get the most out of your engine and boat. If you need help in sizing your propeller, please call us first on 01326 370060 for advice and correct sizing. The power range for the 2-blade propeller is 5-40 HP, 3-blade propeller is 25-60 HP and the 4-blade propeller is 55-155 HP.

Fixed or folding?

A folding prop can increase performance by up to 1.5 knots whilst under sail. At 8 knots, for example, a 3-blade fixed propeller produces more than six times the drag of a 3-blade folding propeller. All Volvo Penta folding propellers are made of a specially developed, highly corrosion resistant nickel-aluminum-bronze alloy.

How to size your propeller

Volvo Penta Propeller Calculator help

Info required

We need certain information to help you size your propeller; the yacht type, displacement, LWL, beam, the hp of the engine and the gearbox or Saildrive ratio. This is on a plate on the top of the Saildrive or on the gearbox. It will read something like 2.47:1 or 2.20:1. Now call 01326 370060.

Volvo Penta Propeller Calculator Sizing Help

Serial number

Another option is to provide the engine and gearbox or Saildrive serial number. In many cases, we can find the ratio information from Volvo Penta's database. We can also re register the engine details in your name so that Volvo can contact you in the future if a recall campaign is required.

Volvo Penta Propeller Help Sizing a Prop

Fitting to a shaft?

If you are fitting a folding hub kit onto a shaft, we will need to know what your shaft size is. Its best practice to measure your shaft using a digital micrometer as the difference between 1" and 25mm is only 0.4 of a mm. You will also need to confirm the size of your existing key way and taper. See below.

Volvo Penta Propellers for sale in the UK

Double your warranty

Genuine Volvo Penta propellers like all Volvo parts are covered by 12 months warranty. Have them supplied and installed by us and Volvo Penta will extend your warranty to 24 months – including the labor.

Volvo Penta Anode Help

Genuine Anodes

Volvo Penta anodes are specifically manufactured and tested for Volvo Penta drives and propellers – protecting the drive unit and propeller against galvanic corrosion. The Zinc content is very important, so non OEM anodes risk damaging your drive.

Volvo Penta Propeller fitted to a shaft

Keyway / Taper sizes

When installing a new folding hub kit to an existing shaft, the shaft taper and keyway must match the corresponding hub kit requirements. These are described on each of the hub kit details pages on our online shop. If unsure, contact us first.

Web Shop

Our online shop includes:

  • Volvo Penta genuine parts
  • Volvo Penta props with 10% offer
  • Mariner and Mercruiser parts
  • Ocean Safety equipment and KRU
  • Gullsweep and OML outboard locks

Our comprehensive online shop contains service parts and safety equipment. If you are looking for a specific part, please call us for advise. A serial number is always helpful to help us recommend the correct part for your engine or outboard. for Genuine Volvo Penta Parts

If you have a problem or need advice on any aspect of your Volvo Penta or our shop, please feel free to call us on 01326 370060. A serial number is always helpful to identify exactly what engine you own.