Volvo Penta Cornwall Replacement Yacht Diesels Range

Specially designed for sail boats, Volvo Penta marine diesel engines are Ocean Yacht Race proven. With reliable start and operation, low cruising rpm, minimal emissions and powerful thrust, they are superior in every aspect.

D1 and D2 diesel engines

The easiest way to improve your boating experience may sometimes be as simple as changing your boat's engine. A new engine or driveline can give you a cleaner, faster, quieter and more comfortable boating experience as well as provide peace of mind. Compact marine diesels are available with a straight or angled gearbox or Saildrive. All models are also EVC-compatible, which enables engine data in a chart plotter.

All D-series engines are as standard equipped with high-capacity charging. The 115 A alternator has a built-in charging sensor that gives correct battery charging voltage. All models can have an extra engine-mounted, alternator.

For more details on the propeller range Volvo Penta Propeller Guide

Engines PDF Prop KW / HP Rated rpm Cyl. Disp.
D1-13hp- 130S Volvo Penta D1-13 specification 8.6 / 11.8 3200 2 0.51L / 31 cbi
D1-20hp- 130S Volvo Penta D1-20 specification 13.3 / 18.0 3200 3 0.76L / 46.5cbi
D1-30hp- 130S Volvo Penta D1-30 specification 20.1 / 27.3 3200 3 1.13L / 69 cbi
D2-40hp- 130S Volvo Penta D2-40 specification 27.9 / 38.0 3200 4 1.51L / 92.1 cbi
D2-50hp- 130S Volvo Penta D2-50 specification 36 / 49 3000 4 2.2L / 134.2 cbi
D2-60hp- 150S Volvo Penta D2-60 specification 42 / 58 3000 4 2.2L / 134.2 cbi
D2-75hp- 150S Volvo Penta D2-75 specification 53 / 72 3000 4 2.2L / 134.2 cbi
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